How Does a Fig Tree Grow?


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Fig trees, like any young tree, grow by receiving plenty of sunshine and protection from strong winds. They also require regular watering, fertilization and soil aeration.

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Fig trees can be tricky to grow in the ground because they are susceptible to cold weather. In areas where the temperature regularly dips below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, a fig tree should be planted in a large container instead of the ground.

When the soil is dry an inch below the surface, watering is required. Letting the soil dry out completely causes the fig tree to drop its leaves and results in a smaller yield of fruit. Using a foliar spray, which can be purchased at local nurseries, gives the tree a boost.

Fig plants rarely suffer from insect infestation or disease but birds can be a nuisance. Covering fig trees with netting helps to keep birds away. Covering the base of the trees with wood ashes helps to keep ants away from ripening fruit.

Fig trees can usually be harvested twice throughout the year, once in early June and then again in late summer. The figs are ready to pick when they turn either brown or golden and the fruit is soft to the touch, with the skin possibly starting to split.

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