What Does the FHA Home Inspection Checklist Contain?


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There are a number of different items on the FHA Home Inspection checklist, including notations regarding property disturbances, pest infestation, structural defects, mechanical systems and additional information. The checklist needs to return with few problems that could cause long-term damage to the house in order to be approved.

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Property disturbances are not noise disturbances or erratic owners, rather this category means that the inspector is looking for things like sinkholes or other natural depressions, as well as gas leaks surrounding the property. When looking at the foundation of the home, the inspector looks for damage that could be too extensive for the FHA to approve the loan.

Mechanical systems like the furnace or central air are also checked out using the FHA checklist. Pest infestation deals with whether or not there is an infestation that can be taken care of easily or if it is problematic and even systemic in the area or the property. This would include rodents as well as insects like ants, and even something a bit more troublesome like termites.

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