What Is the Best Fertilizer for Centipede Grass?

Centipede grass thrives when the soil is enhanced with a small amount of 15-0-15 fertilizer that contains no phosphorous. All-purpose fertilizer can severely harm or kill centipede grass, so only products made specifically for centipede grass should be used. Every 1,000 square feet should receive roughly 2 pounds of nitrogen.

Fertilizer should be applied when all signs of winter frost are completely gone; this typically occurs a couple of weeks after the lawn shows green and before temperatures start reaching 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The middle of May tends to be the most ideal time to fertilize, although plans may change depending on the weather.

If the gardener is using fertilizer containing herbicides, timing is especially important because centipede grass grows best when fertilizer is applied late in the season. However, herbicides work best for weed control in the beginning of the season.