How Do You Fertilize a Lawn?


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To fertilize a lawn, carry the fertilizer to one corner of the lawn, walk backward in a straight line and throw handfuls of fertilizer on the ground. Repeat this procedure over the rest of the lawn, and water it. This one-hour process requires fertilizer, gloves, a hose and a bucket.

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  1. Prepare to begin

    Put on gloves, put half of the fertilizer in a bucket, and carry it to a corner of the lawn.

  2. Walk backward in a straight line

    Grab a handful of fertilizer, and slowly walk backward in a straight line. As you walk, move your hand in a sweeping motion, scattering the fertilizer in front of you.

  3. Fertilize the next strip of grass

    Take one step to the side, turn around, and walk backward in a line parallel to the first. Scatter the fertilizer as you did before, making sure that you do not overlap the ground that you already fertilized.

  4. Fertilize the rest of the lawn

    Continue walking backwards in parallel lines. When your bucket becomes empty, refill it, and pick up where you left off.

  5. Water the lawn

    Water the lawn immediately. This washes the fertilizer off of the grass leaves and helps it penetrate the roots.

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