How Do You Fertilize Japanese Red Maples?


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Fertilize Japanese red maple trees by using a slow-release fertilizer that provides low amounts of nitrogen over a long period of time. Giving the Japanese red maple too much nitrogen at once poses a health risk to the tree.

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Maintain the health of the Japanese maple by keeping a low level of fertilizer throughout the season. According to Japanese Maple Online, use pellet-style fertilizers rather than liquid fertilizers because they are easier to regulate. The best time to fertilize using this method is after the final freeze of the winter when the ground is still cold. Bore holes about 6 inches deep in the soil surrounding the tree. The holes should be evenly spaced and about halfway between the trunk and the edge of the branches. Drop the pellet fertilizer into each hole, following the fertilizer manufacturer's directions. After filling the holes with soil, water the tree. Doing this should provide enough fertilizer to last for the year.

Other considerations when caring for Japanese red maples include maintaining the soil. Japanese red maples suffer when exposed to too much water. Those caring for the trees must make sure the soil drains well. If it does not, consider using mulch or other materials to absorb excess water to protect the tree.

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