How Do You Fertilize African Violets in Self-Watering Pots?

How Do You Fertilize African Violets in Self-Watering Pots?

To fertilize an African violet in a self-watering pot, thread a wick through the base of the pot, cover it with soil, insert the violet, apply diluted fertilizer, and fill the pot reservoir. This 30-minute process requires an African violet, a self-watering pot, a wick, potting medium and water-soluble fertilizer.

  1. Insert the wick

    Thread a wick through the base of a self-watering pot, and leave 3 inches dangling from the bottom. Reach into the pot, unravel the wick, and spread out its fibers.

  2. Add potting medium

    Cover the frayed wick with a potting medium intended for African violets. All of the wick fibers must be covered.

  3. Insert the violet

    Set the violet in the pot, and mound the soil around the base of the plant until the crown of the violet sits just above the surface.

  4. Mix and apply fertilizer

    Mix water-soluble African violet fertilizer with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Pour the diluted fertilizer over the potting medium in a thin, slow stream. Stop when the solution starts dripping out of the bottom of the pot.

  5. Fill the reservoir

    Fill the reservoir with the remaining fertilizer solution, and set the pot on it. Verify that the wick is fully submerged in the liquid. Check and replenish the reservoir regularly.