What Are Some Feng Shui Tips for Choosing Room Colors for Your Home?

Some Feng Shui tips for choosing room colors for the home include emphasizing muted earth tones and other colors associated with nature. Carefully balance the colors from the five elements of water, earth, metal, wood and fire. Use bright colors for active rooms, such as kitchens, and muted tones for quiet places, such as bedrooms.

Busy areas, such as kitchens, hallways and home offices, are more cheerful when decorated in bright colors. Kitchens are heavy on the elements of fire and water, so balance this out by using earth tones. In home offices, cream or white, associated with the element metal, stimulates clear thinking. Avoid dark colors, such as navy blue or black, because that darkens the mood of the space.

Earth tones bring a grounded feeling to a room, so use them for restful places, such as bedrooms, dining rooms and family rooms. Accent them with muted colors, such as natural greens. Avoid painting a bedroom pink or purple. These colors are associated with the fire element and prevent adequate rest.

Pastels are good choices in dining rooms and family rooms as long as they are muted. Bathrooms have an abundance of the water element already, so avoid decorating with blue. Instead use pastels, earth tones and whites to bring the other elements into balance.