How Do You Fell a Tree?


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Fell a tree by clearing out the brush and branches around the tree, choosing the direction for it to fall and making a series of cuts to direct the tree in the right direction as is it goes down. Use a chainsaw to make a cut in the bottom of the trunk, angling down. Then make another cut, angling it up to meet the top cut.

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Check the area to make sure no people or animals are within a distance that’s twice the size of the tree. Move to the other side of the tree and make a straight horizontal cut that’s a couple inches above the lower cut. Stop cutting a few inches before you reach the spot where the angle cuts meet.

To make the tree fall, insert a felling wedge into the horizontal cut in the back and push it down slightly to make the tree begin to fall. The tree should fall in the direction of the angled cuts. Move away quickly as the tree begins to fall at an angle to avoid both the falling tree and any chunks from the cuts that might fly out from the stump because of the pressure that occurs as the tree falls.

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