What Are Some Features of Wood Gasifier Generators?


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Wood gasifier generators, also called wood gas generators, convert wood and charcoal into a natural gas fuel substitute called wood gas. Wood gasifier generators power internal combustion engines and are often used to fuel cars and trucks.

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Wood gasifiers use thermal distillation to convert the stored solar energy in wood into a clean gas that can be burned any time of day. The wood gasifiers are also capable of using charcoal in place of wood for a fuel with less water content that produces cleaner gas.

Wood gasifiers work using a renewable resource, so these generators are commonly used during petroleum and natural gas shortages. Many countries used wood gasifiers in World War II when petroleum was rationed, including the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany. These generators are more environmentally friendly than petroleum and have a closed carbon cycle that does not add to global warming problems.

Wood gas generators are large in size and are slow to start up, sometimes taking hours to reach the power required for larger factories. It is not safe to use a wood generator inside due to the heavy concentration of carbon monoxide gas in wood gas. It is important to use wood gas generators outside or in well-ventilated, non-residential areas with multiple carbon monoxide gas detectors.

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