What Are Some Features of a Walbro Carb Diagram?


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A Walbro Carb diagram includes a list of parts, along with a diagram showing exactly where those parts are located. Depending on the model, some diagrams may give only numbers on the diagram that correspond to a list or key, while others label the parts directly on the diagram. Online versions of the diagram that list the part names separately often link the part name to a page where you may order that specific part.

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Walbro Carb diagrams vary depending on the type of product for which the diagram is designed. The Walbro website has links to manuals for each type of product, and within the manual is a diagram tailored to that product. Carb diagrams are available for chain saw carburetors, trimmer and blower carburetors, diaphragm carburetors and PV carburetors. Within those categories, each model of the product has a different manual with a unique diagram.

The diagrams in a Walbro manual include several views of the carb, each with a slightly different vantage point or magnification, showing different parts and features. They are also color coded for fuel and air. Some of the views also include a list of operating instructions and tips, including details about starting procedure and the idle position versus the open throttle position.

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