What Are Some Features of the Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder?


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One of the Vermeer SC252 stump grinder's notable features is its narrow width, which allows it to fit into confined spaces and through gates and yard entrances. Its automated cutter wheel speed control helps prevent excessive engine strain, and its simple control panel is designed to increase operator safety and ease of use. The device's other safety features include a cutter wheel guard and control sensors that signal an automatic shut-off if the operator isn't present.

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The Vermeer SC252 has a 27-horsepower gas engine and measures 115 inches long. It is capable of cutting 25 inches above ground and 13 inches below ground, with a 39-inch straight line cutting width. The Vermeer is equipped with a 16-tooth Yellow Jacket cutter system that operates on a beltless drive, which generally requires less maintenance than a belt-driven one. The teeth, which are made of steel, need less sharpening than other cutting systems. Before operating the machinery, however, it is best to remove any rocks around the tree stump, as these dull the teeth faster.

The Vermeer's AutoSweep system detects changes in the cutting surface and adjusts the engine output accordingly. The grinder is equipped with hydraulics that enable the operator to optimally position it above the stump and control the swinging motion of the grinder as it sweeps away the debris. The machine is capable of clearing the stump to a depth of 4 inches with each swing. After the 4-inch swathe has been cleared, the operator repositions the grinder and clears another section of stump. The Vermeer SC252 is a popular model among equipment rental companies because of its safety, ease of use and effectiveness.

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