What Features Are Unique to a Bosch Wall Oven?

What Features Are Unique to a Bosch Wall Oven?

The unique features in a Botch wall oven include a colored TFT display with steel touch buttons, high design installation flexibility, European convection and a two-hour Eco-cleaning system. The features, however, depend on the model of the Bosch oven.

Bosch wall ovens exist in a number of sizes with the smallest being 24 inches and the largest 30 inches. These ovens can be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen either horizontally, one beside another or vertically depending on the space constraints.

The ovens use European convection, which aims to ensure even cooking across all the telescopic racks by using a fan in front of the heating element. Heavy duty metal locks and stainless steel knobs give the ovens a European look, and their SmoothClose feature allows the door to be closed quietly.

The 800 series model of the Bosch wall ovens features an Eco-cleaning mechanism that self-cleans the oven. Its double construction type uses both thermal heating and convection. These ovens are designed to easily retrofit into a preexisting cutout.

The Benchmark series is the high end of these Bosch ovens, and they have a colored TFT panel. Auto probes inside the oven measure and display the temperature of the internal environment on the panel. These ovens can be installed to be flush with the cabinet, and the double oven designs use convection in both the upper and lower compartments.