What Are Some Features of Toro String Trimmers?

What Are Some Features of Toro String Trimmers?

Some features of Toro string trimmers include a straight or curved shaft, an assist handle and a clutch. The exact characteristics of a Toro string trimmer depend on the model and type of string trimmer.

Toro makes electric string trimmers that are small and lightweight. The brand also sells gas string trimmers and cordless-electric string trimmers, such as the Toro 51487 string trimmer. The Toro 51487 string trimmer features a 0.065-inch cutting line, a straight shaft and a 24-volt engine. The Toro 51467, the Toro 51484 and the Toro 51480A also feature a 0.065-inch cutting line.

The dual cutting line feature on the Toro 51488 string trimmer provides gas-like performance for this battery-powered, cordless string trimmer. The dual cutting line also makes it capable of handling heavy grass growth.

The Toro 51467 features a 12-volt engine and a straight shaft. The straight shaft means the trimmer is easy for tall individuals to use since the reach is long. It also makes reaching beneath shrubs and bushes simple.

The curved shaft feature of the Toro 51958 makes it easy to handle and lightweight. If the trimmer head bumps on the ground, the Toro 51958's bump line advancement system feature releases the line from the spool. As of 2015, Toro string trimmers are available at The Home Depot and from authorized Toro dealers.