What Are the Features of Toro Self-Propelled Mowers?

What Are the Features of Toro Self-Propelled Mowers?

SmartStow, PersonalPace, Bag on Demand, the recycler cutting system and a washout port are features on many of Toro's self-propelled mower models. Toro self-propelled mowers are available with cutting deck sizes of either 22 or 30 inches.

The PersonalPace feature allows the mower to detect and match the speed at which the user is walking. The mower can go as slow as the terrain or operator requires or up to 4.5 miles per hour for those in a hurry.

The washout port eliminates grass build-up underneath the cutting deck and improves mower performance. The port is located on the cutting deck and allows for attachment of a standard garden hose to flush out debris trapped under the deck and on the blades.

Toro's SmartStow system allows the handle to fold forward over the motor creating legs on the back end that allow the unit to be stored upright and require 70 percent less storage space.

Handling the yard waste effectively and efficiently is made easier by the recycling cutting system. This feature allows the front throw chamber and the atomic blade lift to suspend the grass clippings and re-cut them. The process produces a fine mulch that helps lawns stay healthy. The Bag on Demand feature allows users to switch from mulching to bagging in seconds.