What Are Some Features of Top Rated Recliners?


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Some features of top rated recliners include ability to unlock and tilt, strong base structure, multiple adjustable options, plenty of cushioning and back massage features. Other features include lumbar support, articulating headrest, extra pockets and an inbuilt speaker system.

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Top rated recliners should be able to unlock the ottoman and tilt when the user reclines. This helps to take the pressure off the knees of the user. Recliners with rigidly attached ottoman do not fit in exact shapes and sizes. The recliners should have a strong dual support base structure in order to carry the full weight of the user. This increases its surface area and prevents the structure from collapsing.

Top rated recliners should have multiple adjustable options that give them different comfort dimensions. The user should be able to select the preferred relaxation position by adjusting the recliner and the footrest to the right height and position. There should be heavy padding and cushioning on the seat, back and arms of the recliner. Top recliners have soft leather upholstery and polyurethane for extra softness.

An articulating headrest cradles the neck and head to a reclining position giving lumbar support. Top recliners have back massage features on the recliner that uses vibration technology. They have a sleep function and inbuilt speaker system that can be connected to a television. There are side pockets ideal for storing phones, remotes and books.

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