What Are Some Features of a Timpte Grain Trailer?


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Timpte's standard hopper grain trailers, 40 or 42 feet in length, feature a 20-foot single I-beam with 3/8-inch steel flanges and a 1/4-inch full-width pickup plate. With square support legs, roadside removable crank and a 10-inch diameter cushion shoe, the trailer's lift capacity is 50,000 pounds. Traps for the hopper are 26 inches wide for the 96-inch wide trailer, 32 inches wide for the 102-inch trailer and 36 inches long with 1/4-inch steel stiffeners and double-sealed steel ball bearings.

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As of 2015, Timpte's standard hopper grain trailers come with 11R24 5 Bridgestone R195F radial tires and heavy-duty rubber mud flaps. The trailer's axles have a 22,500 pound beam capacity with a 5-inch diameter, 5/8-inch wall, either a 71.5-inch or 77.5-inch track, integral spindles, 28-spline camshafts and Cam-Master Q-style quick change brakes. Timpte's tri-axle grain trailers, 48 or 50 feet in length with the same kingpin setting and lift capacity as the standard hoppers, feature a 23,000 pound air ride suspension with a 17-inch ride height. The center axle is equal distance from the front and rear axles.

Timpte also markets farm hoppers available in lengths of 38, 36 and 28.5 feet and a single axle model that is 22 feet long. The farm hoppers come standard with formed agricultural hoppers that feature 25 inches of ground clearance. Brakes on all Timpte grain trailers exceed the minimum requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

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