What Features Should a Person Look for in a Cleaning Checklist Template?

What Features Should a Person Look for in a Cleaning Checklist Template?

Features to look for in a cleaning checklist template include weekly tasks in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and hallways. Quality templates include monthly wall cleaning and annual donations of unused items. Cater every list to the rooms in the house that need cleaning.

Most cleaning templates require adjustments to rooms, tasks and frequencies based on the home layout and number of people in the residence.

Use templates that include dusting the furniture in every room once per week. Templates have checklists for changing sheets in a bedroom and cleaning the floor of every room. In bathrooms, look for tasks such as cleaning mirrors, showers and sinks. Check off chores such as wiping down appliances in the kitchen, running the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry.

Monthly cleaning tasks include dusting ceiling fans and wiping down all windows. Wipe dirt off of light switches and completely clean out the refrigerator.

Once per year, use a checklist for getting rid of unused items. Have the carpets deep-cleaned, dust hard-to-reach areas and wipe down kitchen cabinets.

Spring cleaning checklists include cleaning off window blinds and washing out the drip tray from underneath the refrigerator. Flip the mattress on the bed over and wash all of the walls to complete the spring cleaning list.