What Features Should You Look for When Purchasing A.O. Smith Boilers?


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A few features to look for in the Epsilon range of A.O. Smith boilers include the burner technology and rate of boiler efficiency. Size, gas consumption, flue options, and cascade compliance are other features to consider when purchasing an A.O. Smith boiler.

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Some features of the A.O. Smith Epsilon boiler to consider when making a purchase include the Premix and modulating burner technology and the Inox water filter system. This boiler is equipped with parallel and coaxial ducts that serve as robust flues for smoke. The Epsilon boiler range also comes with a reliable Nox Class 5 emission rating, along with low carbon emission machinery. The Epsilon boiler is 109.1 percent efficient, according to the EN 677 standard. It is the smallest A.O. Smith boiler, with low levels of gas consumption.

The A.O. Smith Upsilon boiler is manufactured for large commercial applications. Each Upsilon boiler is fitted with an intelligence control system, modulating burner technology, an inbuilt primary pump and more than one stainless steel heat exchanger. A unique feature of the Upsilon range is that up to eight Upsilon boilers can be attached together to handle large operations. The entire range can be mounted on walls or on special brackets. The Upsilon range also has a Nox Class 5 emission rating with 110.3 percent efficiency.

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