What Features Should You Look for in a Good Dishwasher?


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Features to look for in a good dishwasher include adequate capacity for dishes, multiple cycle options that are water and energy efficient, and sufficient washing tiers. Advanced sensors and an easy-to-use display are also important features of a good dishwasher.

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The amount of dishes to be done on a daily basis determines the dishwasher size to buy. The 24-inch dishwasher is considered standard for most homes. The smaller 18-inch dishwasher is adequate for smaller homes with minimal dish washing needs. A sufficient number of place settings is an important feature of a good dishwasher. It should also be able to accommodate different dish sizes in one cycle.

A good dishwasher should have water and energy-saving features such as a soil sensor that decreases the amount of energy and water used if dishes are slightly soiled. Modern dishwashers have sanitization capabilities that help prevent the spread of germs. Consider the application of technology and next-generation features that make the dishwasher more user friendly. Displays and touch screens should be visible and easy to use.

A good dishwasher should have adjustable racks and slots for cutlery as well as fold-down tines that are easy to load. Having an option for drying dishes is an added advantage.

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