What Are Some Features of a Shark Sv780 Filter?


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Shark SV780 filters are durable and reusable, and create a strong, air-tight seal when placed on the vacuum cleaner. This creates a strong suction that enhances the power of the Shark hand vacuum cleaner.

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Some Shark SV780 Pet Perfect II Hand Vacs have reportedly been shipped with filters that differ from those shipped with other Shark SV780 Hand Vacs, according to reviews on Amazon.com. These alternate filters may get clogged easily and lack rubberized edges, which can lead to leaked air and a decrease in suction. They also are known to fall apart easily when washed. Customers who purchase the intended filters, which are also sold in the Shark 3-Pack of Dust Cup Filters for SV726 - XSB726N replacement pack, receive filters that last longer. These improved filters fit snugly and are able to be washed and used repeatedly, leading to high levels of longevity for each individual filter.

Washing the filters is recommended once every three uses for the average customer's needs. Users who clean them more meticulously with a fine brush, such as a toothbrush, to clear out all grime from the filter, find that it is possible to go longer than three uses between cleanings of the Shark SV780 filters.

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