What Are Some Features of a RiteTemp Programmable Thermostat?

What Are Some Features of a RiteTemp Programmable Thermostat?

Common features of RiteTemp programmable thermostats include large, backlit LED displays, multiple programming periods and compatibility with multi-stage heating and cooling systems. Features vary depending on the specific thermostat.

Displays typically include the thermostat's temperature setting along with the current temperature in large text, making them easy to read. RiteTemp offers thermostats with vertical and horizontal displays.

Multiple programming periods allow the user to set different temperatures for each day. Some Rite Temp thermostats, such as its 7-Day Programmable Universal Thermostat and its 5-1-1 Programmable Universal Thermostat, offer programming for different time periods for each day of the week. The thermostat then adjusts the home to the programmed temperature at each specific time period.

Many RiteTemp thermostats include a copy feature, so the user can copy the programmed temperatures for one day and use that program for another day. They also feature program locks that prevent other users from adjusting them.

Multi-stage heating and cooling systems conserve energy by using different levels of heating or cooling, depending on the current temperature. These systems only use the highest level of heating and cooling when necessary, such as during periods with very high or low temperatures. Otherwise, they use lower levels to save energy. This means the systems don't turn on and off as often, which also conserves energy.