What Are the Features of a Puron Air Conditioner?


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The standard features of a Puron air conditioner include multistage compressors that allow for efficient functioning at low energy levels, quiet operational volume, sophisticated temperature and humidity controls and a self-drying filter system, according to Carrier. They are also safer for the environment, since Puron is a non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

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Puron, also known as R-410A, was originally developed as an alternative to Freon, according to Wikipedia. In 1996, R-410A was adapted for commercial use by Carrier Corporation, Allied Signal and other industry partners. Puron is Carrier Corporation's trademarked brand name for R410A, and all Puron air conditioners are manufactured exclusively by Carrier Corporation.

There are three lines of Puron air conditioners: Infinity Series, Performance Series and Comfort Series, states Carrier Corporation. All of the units come with the same standard features, but the Infinity Series is comprised of Carrier's most efficient air conditioning units with the lowest operational noise levels, ranging from 56 to 68 decibels.

The Performance Series and Comfort Series units are louder than the Infinity Series units, averaging between 66 to 76 decibels. Certain units, such as the Infinity 17 Coastal model, come with additional weatherproofing and are specially designed for use in seaside environments where saltwater, high winds and rough weather can easily damage most air conditioners.

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