What Are Some Features of Plancha Grills?

What Are Some Features of Plancha Grills?

Plancha grills are griddles built for outdoor cooking. Popular features of plancha grill models include rapid ignition and warm-up of plates, enameled cast iron plating for cooking on, and a stainless steel base unit.

Plancha Grills is a trademark owned by Favex, a trading group that specializes in creating modern, eco-friendly products to match modern lifestyles. These grills offer a clean alternative to greasy, smoked barbecue cooking, with all grills exhibiting low carbon footprints.

As of 2016, there are three models currently available from Plancha Grill: the Coroa, Rio and Coroa II. The Coroa grill includes a 21-inch cooking plate that holds enough food to serve six to eight people at a time. The Coroa II offers a larger cooking plate, taller griddle wall and two individually controlled burners. The largest of the three griddles is the Rio, which features a 27.5-inch base, two individually controlled burners for preparing multiple dishes at once, and a hinged, protective lid that doubles as a splatter shield.

Tefal produces electric outdoor planchas. Griddle plates from Tefal include dishwasher-safe removable juice ice trays and plates with nonstick coating and patented ThermoSpot technology.

Grill planchas may also refer to cast iron, steel or enameled trays for use with traditional barbecue grills. They prevent food from making direct contact with charcoal flames for a healthier, unsmoked flavor.