What Are Some Features of Pionite Laminate Countertops?


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Pionite laminate counter tops are made with high-pressure laminate, which is extremely heat-, wear- and chemical-resistant, notes BurtForest.com. HPL countertops are available in more than 200 different colors and 10 different finishes as of 2015.

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Homeowners looking to install Pionite counter tops benefit from the durability and attractive styles available. Pionite HPL laminate is made by saturating several layers of craft paper in phenolic resin. The top is covered with a piece of decorative paper in one of many patterns. All of the layers are fused together at less than 1,000 lbs. per square inch of heat and pressure, which transforms the resin into a plastic and turns the layers into a strong laminate.

As a plastic material, HPL is resistant to everyday chemicals and cleansers. It is also resistant to moderate temperature and weather changes. The durable cross-linked resin and paper layers are resistant to everyday wear and tear to last through years of use.

Style-wise, homeowners have plenty of options. Pionite offers more than 200 patterns and allows customers to custom create designs for the laminate if desired, notes Pionite.com. The many finishes include effects such as a highly reflective crystal finish, polished granite texture, the embossed wood grain Line Z and a cloth-like linen texture.

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