What Are the Features of a Personal Aluminum Can Crusher?


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Personal aluminum can crushers features include long or padded handles, single or multi-crush capacity, and eject or manual can removal. Choose between a wood, metal or plastic crusher based on your needs. If you're in very cold climates, note that steel types may rust over time, and plastic types may break.

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Long-handled crushers are ideal for children, seniors and disabled people, as the longer handle eases the pull on the handle to apply enough force to crush the cans. Some people might find themselves physically incapable of cranking down crushers with small handles. Padded handles reduce the strain on the hand when users operate the crushers.

Some multi-crush types allow you to load several cans into a chute and then crush them one after another with a ratchet motion. There are also electric crushers that do most of the work for you, but they come at a higher price and consequently aren't ideal if you're using your crusher for home recycling. It's unlikely that you can recoup the cost of the electronic crusher in recycled cans.

Identify how frequently you intend to use the can crusher in determining how much to spend on one. If you have to crush a lot of cans, don't purchase a cheap thin sheet metal or lightweight plastic crusher that isn't designed for the abuse of crushing thousands of cans.

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