What Are Some Features of the OttLite Visionsaver Plus?

The OttLite Vision Saver Plus Desk Organizer Lamp has a flexible neck that allows users to adjust the head of the lamp up and down, and to various angles for customizable positioning. The lamp provides an HD tube that is energy efficient and lasts up to 10,000 hours. The base of the lamp has places for pens and a tray for paper clips, binder clips, staples and other desk supplies.

The lamp comes with a T13330 bulb, and the HD tube is a standard 13 watt. The Vision Saver Lamp also comes in a floor lamp model, which is similar but comes in higher wattage such as 18 watt and 24 watt. The floor lamp model does not come with the organizational trays in the base.

The desk lamp model adjusts from 14.5 to 28 inches in height, while the floor lamp stands 62 inches tall. Though both models are no longer made by OttLite, they can be found at various online retailers and auctions, and many stores continue to sell the bulbs for both lamps.

OttLite is known for using technology developed by Dr. John Nash Ott that perfectly replicates daylight indoors, reducing eye strain and glare. The unique technology also allows users to see true colors and to read fine print accurately.