What Are Some Features of Orbit Lawn and Sprinkler System?

Features of Orbit lawn and sprinkler systems include timers, gear drive rotors, spray heads, valves and accessories that homeowners can utilize to customize their underground sprinkler systems. Utah-based Orbit Irrigation Products manufactures lawn and irrigation products for the residential and commercial markets. Founded in 1986, it distributes about 2,000 products in 40 countries worldwide, as of 2015.

Orbit's sprinkler systems often feature a timer, such as a standard indoor remote control timer, an all-weather timer, digital and dual dial timers, or a battery-operated sprinkler timer with in-line valve. Timers save time by allowing homeowners to set the time when sprinklers automatically turn on and off, and also fit any residential sprinkler system. Orbit's high-powered gear drive rotors are quiet and smooth and can water grass areas up to a radius of 40 feet. Gear drive rotor models include the Eclipse, Titan, Voyager II, Saturn III and Saturn IV.

Orbit's spray heads serve different applications and come in a variety of styles, sizes and patterns, such as standard spray heads, shrub heads and spray nozzles. The company's sprinkler valves control water flow and come in several varieties, including pre-assembled manifolds, backflow prevention valves, plastic valves and brass valves. Accessories include sensors, valve accessories, swing pipe and fittings, timer accessories, and valve boxes, covers and platforms. Orbit also sells tools that help customers install, maintain and repair lawn sprinkler systems.