What Are the Features of a Norwegian Lefse Griddle or Grill?


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A lefse griddle features a flat, circular cooking surface approximately 16 inches in diameter with a pair of handles. The surface is typically made from aluminum or stainless steel and is often finished in a non-stick coating for easier use.

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The Lefse grill is a griddle that features a wire rack placed atop the cooking surface. A domed lid covers the wire rack and most of the cooking surface to trap heat.

Bethany Housewares is a Lefse grill and griddle manufacturer and retailer, selling "The Original Lefse Grill." The company also features Lefse-related accessories, such as turning sticks, pastry boards and cozy cloths to separate and warm freshly-baked Lefse.

Lefse is a Scandanavian flatbread made primarily in Norway. It is typically made from cooked and riced potatoes, although prior to the introduction of the potato to Europe it was based on flour. Adding milk or heavy cream, butter or oil, sugar and salt to the base creates a dough that is kneaded, then rolled flat into a roughly circular shape. This flatbread, similar in size and texture to a tortilla, is then grilled on a griddle or in a large, flat pan until lightly browned. The flatbread is often served after being buttered and sprinkled with sugar, then rolled up.

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