What Features Do Monitronics Security Systems Have?

What Features Do Monitronics Security Systems Have?

Monitronics security systems feature medical and fire monitoring, remote functionality through mobile phones, light and thermostat control, and security cameras. Monitronics Security mainly handles home security.

Monitronics security systems provide 24-hour monitoring services to help families avoid burglary. Professional installation through the Monitronics Security company is required.

One feature of the security system is medical monitoring. This service targets senior residents suffering from chronic medical conditions. The security company provides a medical pendant that transmits an alarm if the patient is in need of attention and within range of the home security system.

Monitronics Security is also equipped with 24/7 fire detection. This technology goes beyond that of simple smoke detectors as it also detects extreme heat and carbon monoxide gas.

A more burglar-related feature is the set of security cameras available. For an extra fee, Monitronics installs tiny cameras to record activity throughout the house.

Additionally, a wide assortment of sensors are available for light, heat and other variables. Monitronics Security provides mobile phone functionality with an app that allows users to adjust their lights and thermostats from a mobile device. HomeTouch is a feature available on computers, tablets and phones that allows users to view live and recorded video of security camera footage.