What Are Some Features of Mitsubishi Air Conditioners?

What Are Some Features of Mitsubishi Air Conditioners?

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures mini-split ductless air conditioners that feature flexible installation, options for user customization, and higher efficiency and cost savings over standard air conditioners. Mitsubishi's small system utilizes one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units for cooling up to eight rooms.

Because Mitsubishi's air conditioners do not use ducts, there are more flexible options for installation. Systems only typically require three-inch holes in walls for threading conduit to connect indoor and outdoor units. Installers can choose units that are hung from the wall, the ceiling or units mounted flush into a drop ceiling. The units are typically lower profile compared to standard air conditioners.

Users can customize indoor environments with the Mitsubishi systems. With the potential to set conditions on each unit, users can set different temperatures for each room. Mitsubishi air conditioners can also be controlled remotely via RedLINK wireless technology through a user's a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ductwork with standard air conditioners typically accounts for a 30 percent energy loss. Mitsubishi ductless units avoid this loss by definition. Energy efficiency translates to cheaper utility bills. Mitsubishi units also feature proprietary technologies which generate increased efficiency within the primary motor of each air conditioning unit.

For initial costs, ductless units typically cost 30 percent more than central air conditioning units and double the cost of window air conditioners.