What Are Some Features of Mist Maker Fountains?


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The Mist Maker fountain includes a high-frequency ceramic disk to create a natural white fog, uses no dry ice or chemicals, is electrically powered and may be used inside and out. It functions as a solo unit when filled with clean tap water, or it may be placed in a pool or fountain to create a surface layer fog over the body of water. No water pump is needed. Colored LED lights create an eye-catching display, especially at night.

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If used indoors, the Mist Maker acts as a humidifier, adding moisture to a dry atmosphere. This is useful during the colder times of the year when heaters are in frequent use. The mist also helps freshen the air, especially when small drops of fragrant oil are added to the water supply. The mister also keeps indoor plants moist. The disk-like unit fits in its own stand and may be used on floors or tables or perhaps outside in a patio setting.

To create the "mist upon the water look," the ceramic dish must be placed no more than 1.5 inches below the water line. Any farther beneath the surface, and less mist will be produced. A regulator controls the mist output and will turn off the device if the water line falls below the sensor on the disc. The Mist Maker should be placed in the pond before you plug into the power supply.

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