What Are the Features of a Melitta Manual Coffee Maker?


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Features of a Melitta manual coffee maker include cone-shaped filters on the top, 6-cup coffee brewing and a carafe at the bottom. The coffee maker is a black home appliance that measures eight inches from top to bottom and 5.75 inches from front to back.

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Weighing just 1.21 pounds, the coffee maker is referred to as manual because users have to add their own boiling water. The advantage of this feature is that the water will be neither too cold nor too hot, like the water in some automatic coffee makers.

However, this means that a person will automatically spend more time preparing coffee with the Melitta manual coffee maker than with an automatic brewer. Because of this, the coffee maker may not be suitable for busy restaurants and hotels where customers have no time to wait. Even with this disadvantage, many coffee enthusiasts find it better than its automatic counterparts because of the quality of coffee that it brews.

Another interesting feature of the Melitta manual coffee maker is the fact that the carafe on the bottom can be replaced with almost any other flask. The medium size of the coffee maker means it is highly portable, and its owner can keep it in a tiny corner of the kitchen.

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