What Are the Best Features of Maytag Refrigerators?

What Are the Best Features of Maytag Refrigerators?

The best features of Maytag refrigerators include steel shelves, PowerCold and Dual Cool Evaporators. Maytag refrigerators also feature smooth-sliding premium glides and rollers as well as LED lighting.

Maytag Four-Door French Door Refrigerators come with two solid steel shelves for premium style and durability. The steel shelves go with under-shelf LED lighting and can handle heavy objects. The refrigerators also have a PowerCold feature that chills the appliance to the optimal temperature when a user touches a button. This feature ensures that the refrigerator always stores items at the proper temperature.

Maytag Four-Door French Door Refrigerators’ Dual Cool Evaporators feature generates proper humidity levels. It also provides an evaporator for each compartment, keeping frozen food dry and cold.

Consumers can use the Adjustable Temperature Refrigerated Drawer to store oversized items as well as cheeses, meats and drinks and select a temperature for them.

Maytag Four-Door French Door Refrigerators have a capacity of 26 cubic feet, offering more storage space than any other Maytag four-door refrigerator. LED lighting helps cut utility bills because it uses less energy than traditional alternatives.

These refrigerators allow users to conveniently get crushed and cubed ice. The refrigerators' EveryDrop water and ice filtration system minimizes the amount of contaminants from household water. The exterior temperature controls make it more convenient for the consumers to adjust temperatures without opening the refrigerator doors. Maytag Four-Door French Door Refrigerators come with a 10-year limited parts warranty on the compressor.