What Features Make a Dishwasher Stand Out From the Crowd?


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Features that make a dishwasher stand out from the crowd include a variety of wash and rinse cycles, dish-drying options and noise insulation. Unique dishwashers feature touch-screen displays, temperature adjustment controls and soil sensors and have the Energy Star label to certify energy efficiency capabilities.

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Dishwashers that stand out from the crowd have a sleek finish that matches a variety of kitchen designs. Some manufacturers work with users for a customized look depending on the kitchen color scheme. Energy efficiency is one of the unique features in exceptional dishwashers, and certification from the Environmental Protection Agency is necessary.

Unique dishwashers feature intelligent displays that allow users to customize wash and rinse cycles. Smart features such as the delayed start allow users to program the dishwasher's starting time. As of 2015, some models notify users when a cleaning cycle is completed through a text message. Soil sensors automatically adjust the amount and pressure of water used depending on how dirty the dishes are.

Dishwashers that stand out feature dry settings using heat or no-heat options that conserve energy. Adjustable racks are an added feature in some dishwasher models and allow users to clean a variety of dish shapes and sizes in one load. Unique dishwashers also feature sanitization options for the removal of bacteria. Some models also feature food disposal systems, eliminating the need to pre-rinse dishes before loading.

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