What Are Some Features of LG Top Loading Washing Machines?


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Features of top-loading LG washing machines include a wide range of washing motions and cycles, a direct drive motor and antibacterial filters. LG washing machines also have intelligent sensors, turbo drum options and air drying capabilities.

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Features vary in different LG washing machine models. Some series feature six washing motions including stepping, tumbling, filtration, rolling, scrubbing and swing. The washing machine interchanges the washing motions depending on the condition of the clothing. The direct-drive motor feature allows power to move directly from the motor to the drum, increasing the efficiency of the washing machine.

LG washing machines feature energy- and water-saving capabilities such as the cold-wash option. Using cold water instead of hot water helps save energy while maintaining the same cleaning standards. The TurboWash feature allows users to cut washing time by more than 20 minutes without compromising on cleaning quality.

Some models are also fitted with sanitization capabilities that help filter bacteria. LG washing machines have highly intelligent sensors that can detect dirt on clothes, determine how much detergent is needed and adjust water temperatures accordingly. The fuzzy logic control feature enables users to automate washer settings, depending on how soiled the clothes are. The machines also have an air-drying option that quickens the drying process. A full list of features available for different LG washing machine models can be found on the company's website.

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