What Are Some Features of a Larson Retractable Screen Door?

What Are Some Features of a Larson Retractable Screen Door?

The features of Larson retractable screen doors vary depending on the collection as Larson offers four lines, which are Inspire, Escape, NatureVue and Comfort Breeze, and come in single- and double-door designs, have ventilation through screen windows, and come in standard and custom sizes. Larson doors can go in the front and back of homes. They are durable and withstand heavy use, making them suitable for garage spaces and patios, too.

Larson's Inspire line contains a family of single doors. They come with a full-length pleated screen that swings to the front and back, and opens with a push. These doors do not have a border at the bottom, which makes them wheelchair accessible. They come in standard sizes and are available in a wooden frame. A simple design makes them ideal for seasonal use as they are easy to remove and store.

The Escape line includes single and double doors, sliding doors, and doors for the garage, porch and gazebo. Escape doors have adjustable fits, which helps them conform to nonstandard doorway sizes. They feature a lightweight but durable full-length screen that resists tearing.

Doors in the Comfort Breeze series have a dual-panel front and bottom design. They have screens that pull down vertically and fit standard door sizes. Comfort Breeze have a dual hinge and double panel design for comfort and convenience.

NatureVue doors also have a split-screen design. They have vertical panels and come in two designs: NatureVue and Solar Screen. NatureVue doors require little maintenance and come in standard and custom sizes.