What Are the Features of a John Deere Crawler?


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The Crawler line of John Deere tractors and construction equipment includes a number of bulldozer and loader models, all of which feature crawler tracks and wheels, enclosed cabs, and a variety of accessories and implements. The tractors range in power from 70 to 350 horsepower.

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Among John Deere's Crawler line of equipment, the largest in terms of horsepower is the 1050K Crawler Dozer. This machine features a 13.5-liter PowerTech PSS 6135 engine capable of producing 350 horsepower. It also features a dual-path hydrostatic transmission, a multifunction LCD monitor to track performance, and three blade mount options to provide a flexible blade angle.

The smallest of John Deere's Crawler line is the 450J Crawler Dozer, which produces 70 horsepower via a 4.5-liter PowerTech M 4045 engine. As opposed to the 1050K's robust LCD-display reporting mechanism, the 450J features a less intricate display panel capable of relaying important information to the operator. The 450J has an optional Integrated Grade Control that allows "plug-and-play" electronic grade control using GPS or laser technology.

The mid-tier 655K Crawler Loader features a 6.8-liter PowerTech PVX 6068 engine capable of generating 145 horsepower. Viscous cab mounts and rear acoustical glass protect the operator from noise and vibration, making the cab more comfortable. The 655K also features a Power Angle Tilt blade, which offers a broad range of functionality for operators.

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