What Are Some Features of the Ivory Silk Lilac Tree?

As one the smallest lilac cultivars, the ivory silk lilac tree can grow up to 30 feet tall and has a spread of approximately 15 feet. The tree produces fragrant white flowers in early summer. In some years, the flowers are abundant but less so in other years. After two weeks, the flowers fade. The tree produces clusters of green or yellow fruits in late summer. Young ivory silk lilac trees are conically shaped, while mature trees are round.

Ivory silk lilac trees have a unique fragrance when compared to other lilac trees. The scent is comparable to a privet. The tree is hardy throughout most of the United States and features break-resistant branches. The fruit and flowers do not attract nuisance pests.

Most frequently, the tree produces an abundance of blooms. Dark green leaves that are 3 to 6 inches in length grow opposite each other on the branches.

In autumn, the leaves turn greenish-brown and fall off the tree. The fruits remain on the tree through winter. Young ivory silk lilac trees feature glossy, reddish-colored bark, which turns gray and scaly as the tree matures. The tree is often planted in urban landscapes, as it is very tolerant of difficult growing conditions.