What Are the Features of an International Harvester Backhoe?


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An IH backhoe features a digging bucket situated like a cupped hand at the end of an articulated arm that attaches onto the back of a tractor or front loader. Tractors commonly employ backhoes to dig holes in tight quarters, and to remove objects such as trees and tree stumps from the ground. Backhoes can also rip through trench plumbing lines and haul piles of dirt or rocks.

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Backhoes attach to tractors, so it's important to select a backhoe that works well with the operating tractor. Key considerations to note include the hydraulic capacity of the tractor's auxiliary system, the amount of weight the tractor can carry, the weightlifting capacity of the tractor's three-point hitch, the desired depth to reach when digging, and the maximum height preference for lifting and dumping soil. It is also important to have a front-end loader when using a backhoe, as the loader stabilizes the weight distribution to counterbalance the backhoe.

Backhoes are named for the manner in which they dig, drawing the earth backwards as though scooping inwardly with the bucket, instead of lifting in a forward motion like a person with a shovel. If a person configures a bucket to face forward, it is then called a hoe, but typically this is not as effective as backhoeing.

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