What Are Some Features of the Best Infrared Grills?


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The best features in an infrared grill include the ability to make meals in a shorter amount of time, easy maintenance, sturdy construction and improved energy efficiency. In more elaborate models, other features can include lighting, side burners, wheels, timers and shelving.

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Choosing a grill brand depends should take into consideration how often it is used and the amount of food prepared. Infrared grills often have glass panels to catch drips. The high temperatures of the grill normally cook off the grease, and infrared grills are low maintenance. However, built-up grease can cause the glass to heat to a higher temperature and crack. Cleaning off buildup is important, and the operator's manual contains instructions on how to clean off the residue once the grill has cooled.

Restaurants commonly use infrared grills because the taste of meat is improved by even cooking and moisture retention. The grills function by applying a gas flame to a ceramic disk that radiates heat to cook the food. Some of the biggest advantages of infrared grills include energy efficiency, which reduces cost of operation over more conventional grills, the cleanliness of a gas grill as opposed to a charcoal grill, and overall ease of use.

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