What Are Some Features of the Ikea House?


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The Ikea house is a cheap and reliable shelter designed for refugees that features vertical walls, a high ceiling, four windows and a door. It is designed to provide refugees who have fled war torn countries or have lost their homes to natural disasters, with a higher level of security, as well as a sense of dignity that comes with living in a house, states Better Shelter.

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The Ikea house comes with a solar panel installed into the roof that provides electricity to power the shelter with up to four hours of light, as well as enough power to charge a mobile phone. Electricity is a tough commodity to come by in many refugee camps, and with the solar panel in each home, families are able to find a sense of comfort.

The Ikea house shelter is designed with strong, lightweight steel that is anchored to the ground with modular interchangeable parts so that the house is easily dismantled and rebuilt. The house is designed to withstand powerful winds, rain and snow and has a lifespan of up to three years. It only takes four people approximately 8 hours to completely build the shelter, making assembly of multiple houses simple.

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