What Features Do Highly Rated Pellet Stoves Include?


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Some features of highly rated pellet stoves include size of the unit, availability of power supply, design, ease of maintenance and ash accumulation. Other features include cost, eco-friendliness, ease of installation and availability of combustion air controls.

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What Features Do Highly Rated Pellet Stoves Include?
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Highly rated pellet stoves have the right size to heat homes without producing too much heat. The heating capacity should have an efficiency level of 75 to 90 percent. The power supply should have an auto-start ignition for easy operation. A highly rated pellet stove has a battery backup system to use in case of power outages and an input that allows use of gas-powered generators when the main supply fails.

High-rated pellet stoves are easy to clean and maintain. They have warranties that allow regular professional servicing and an ash cleanup pan that prevents ash accumulation after burning. A built-in large capacity ash drawer aids cleanup by regulating the accumulation of ash. The design of a highly rated pellet stoves should blend with a home's decor and style.

Highly rated pellet stoves are eco-friendly and produce less smoke and ash. They allow combustion of high density pellets without causing pollution, are easy to install, and have specific installation guidelines for safe and efficient operation. These stoves have air combustion controls that get maximum heat from every pellet as well as an induction fan that vents combustion gases and supplies air.

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