What Are Some Features of Heat Pump Systems?


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Heat pump systems do not require the installation of separate systems to cool and heat the home. These systems perform more efficiently than other systems as a result of transferring heat, rather than burning fuel to create heat. These systems are also more cost-effective and save more money annually.

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Heat pump systems are not used solely for heating purposes. These systems are capable of satisfying both heating and cooling needs. Many heat pump systems include a widely used heat pump known as the air-source heat pump. This heat pump transfers heat from the air outside and pushes it inside the home. This can be more efficient than some traditional HVAC systems.

Heat pump systems can reduce the amount of electricity used for heating purposes by more than 30 percent. Some high-efficiency heat pump systems also have the ability to dehumidify the home more effectively than traditional central air conditioner units. This feature results in less energy usage during warmer months.

As of 2015, there is a newer type of heat pump used on residential heat pump systems known as an absorption heat pump. This pump is also called a gas-fired heat pump and it uses heat as the primary energy source to drive the system.

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