What Are the Features of Handicap Bathroom Toilets?


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Some features of handicap bathroom toilets include clear floor space, grab bars and rotating space. The American with Disabilities Act offer guidelines for construction of accessible handicap bathrooms.

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A constructor should not replace the grab bars with towel bars, which cannot support the weight of a person. The hand rail of a grab bar must have a smooth surface for a person to grab easily. Its diameter must measure between 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches. There must also be enough space between the grab bar and the wall. A bathroom must have a clear floor space around the toilet to accommodate a single wheelchair. It should also allow the wheelchair to rotate enough to complete a 180-degree turn. If needed, handicap toilet seats can add a few inches to the height of a typical toilet seat.

Aside from the toilet, other parts of the bathroom should also be handicap friendly. Hair dryers must be either touch-free devices or motion-activated. Shower wheelchairs are necessary for people who feel uncomfortable on fixed shower chairs. Some feature rails or support arms to ensure maximum support. People who prefer using bathtubs may need access to a bath lift that lowers and raises a person into and out of a bath tab.

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