What are the features of a Haier washer-dryer combo?


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Features of a Haier washer-dryer combo include a condenser dryer, fill and drain hoses and a humidity sensor that stops the machine when the clothes are dry. The washer-dryer combo is fitted with an easy-to-use LCD display, a dispenser drawer with three compartments and a variety of washing cycles.

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What are the features of a Haier washer-dryer combo?
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As of 2015, Haier washer-dryer combinations feature a tumble washer and a ventless dryer in various capacities depending on users' needs. The dryer does not require a vent because the condenser circulates warm air in the drum and converts any steam into water, which can be drained normally.

Each Haier washer-dryer combo is fitted with fill and drain hoses in different colors for hot and cold for easier identification. This helps prevents inlet damage and water leakage caused by cross-threading. This brand features clear LCD displays that give the user information on a variety of machine settings. The display also features a timer that shows the amount of time remaining on a cycle.

The dispenser drawer on Haier washer-dryer combinations features three compartments and can be used to store detergents and fabric softeners. These machines are categorized as high efficiency for efficient water and energy use, and have cycles for different materials. The delay start feature can be used to program the washer to start at a later time.

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