What Are Some Features of Genuine Eastlake Antique Victorian Furniture?

Common features of genuine Eastlake Victorian furniture include geometric ornaments, incised lines and flat surfaces that are easy to clean. Unlike other items from the Victorian era, this furniture features simple curves. The term "Eastlake" refers to a furniture style, and many producers created pieces that conformed to it during the Victorian period.

Eastlake furniture tends to feature specific curves that aren't too overwhelming. The curves are simple, and the carvings are low-relief. Any patterns or shapes that feature on the furniture don't come with deep carvings. Many Eastlake pieces use oak and cherry wood. Rosewood was a common feature of higher-end pieces, whereas affordable items were made of walnut.

As the designer Charles Eastlake aimed to produce furniture that was solid and easy to make, the designs are simple. Unlike other items from the late Victorian period, they tend to come with oiled finishes rather than varnished ones. The designs also avoid mimicking Rocco Revival and Renaissance pieces.

Charles Eastlake's designs stemmed from his dislike of Rococo. Popular features include floral etchings, rectangular forms, inlay and veneering. Designers who adopted the Eastlake movement include the Herter Brothers, Allen and Brother, Merklen Brothers, John Henry Belter, and Alexander Roux and R.J. Horner.