What Are Some Features of a Fully Integrated Washer-Dryer?

What Are Some Features of a Fully Integrated Washer-Dryer?

Most fully integrated washer-dryer combinations feature front-loading systems, adjustable cleaning cycles, variable spin speeds and programmable timers. Most fully integrated washer-dryers are also energy efficient, and many are large capacity as well.

SMEG offers fully integrated washer-dryers that feature 13- to 15-pound washing capacities and 9-pound drying capacities. The company's WDF147S and WDF147XS models feature 15 washing programs, six automatic drying programs, a humidity sensor, self-cleaning detergent drawers and automatic variable loads, as well as 12-inch portholes, stainless steel drums, polypropylene tanks and class A energy efficiency. The WDR147XS offers added features, including an anti-foam system, an overflow system and easy access to the filter.

Sears Brands offers the LG brand-name 4.3-cubic-foot ultra-large capacity washer-dryer, which features a direct-drive motor, steam cleaning, six different wash motions, an anti-vibration system and a stainless steel tub. The LG LoDecibel system ensures quiet operation, and the TubFresh system cleans and dries the wash tub, door and gaskets. Sears Brands offers the vent-free Media washer-dryer combination and Equator convertible combination washer-dryer as well as LG products.

US Appliance offers Ariston's Energy Star 24-inch washer-dryer combination. The compact unit is nonvented, and it features variable wash cycles, variable spin speeds, anti-foam protection, a stainless steel drum and quiet operation. The company also offers LG's 2.3-cubic foot integrated units, which are 24 inches wide and feature LG's 6Motion technology.

Electrolux offers a built-in washer dryer combination that features 15-pound washing capacity, 9-pound drying capacity, a time manager function, a spin reduction option and Aqualux washing technology. The unit is vent-free, and it features a large door opening for easy loading.