What Are the Features of French Country Furniture?

What Are the Features of French Country Furniture?

French country furniture is characterized by beige and white tones, pastoral scene fabrics, roosters, and natural materials. The style of furniture is equated with rustic charm and old-world elegance.

French country furniture is designed to look rustic and aged. It gives the appearance of having been in the family for generations though it is newly constructed. The style is characterized by curved lines and carved details.

The furniture is often white or beige, and the whitewashed style is very popular. The upholstery of the furniture often features pastoral scenes or plaids in landscape colors such as lavender, yellow, blue and green. French country upholstery is easily mixed. Plaids and landscape fabrics are often seamlessly mixed to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Roosters are a very common motif in French country design. They are featured on fabrics, wallpapers and on decorative accents from large table top decorations to salt and pepper shakers.

As compared to other styles, French country furniture is not as decorous as English country furniture, but rather is more natural and rugged. However, it is not as rough and rugged as American country furniture. When wood furniture is not whitewashed or painted, it is dark and glossy. Lamps and tables are often made out of wrought iron.