What Are Some Features of a Facial Steamer Sauna?


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A facial steamer sauna uses steam to open up the pores of the face to allow deeper cleaning and assist in the shedding of old skin cells. The sauna usually has a timing device and a cone into which the user places her face to allow the steam to hit it directly. In some cases, the sauna has detachable brushes for exfoliation or cleaning and attachments for use in clearing the sinuses.

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A facial steamer sauna improves the effectiveness of cleansers and other skin care products by opening the skin pores so that more impurities wash away, along with excess oil, whiteheads and blackheads. This type of sauna may also help pores look smaller. This form of treatment is beneficial for those suffering from large pores, acne or other skin problems and removes the expense and inconvenience of going out to a spa.

The steam from a facial sauna also helps the skin shed dead or dying cells more quickly, which encourages the growth of new cells with collagen and can give the skin a more even complexion. To prevent the spread of acne-causing bacteria, it is important to wash the hands thoroughly before applying cleansers or other products to the face after the use of a sauna.

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