What Features Does a Ductless Carrier Split AC Unit Have?


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A ductless Carrier split AC features an outside compressor unit much like that used for traditional central air conditioning systems or heat pumps, but it has one or more inside air handlers to cool or heat the space. This allows quiet operation without retrofitting ducts into the space.

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Carrier mini-split units work well in several situations. In existing homes without ductwork for heating or air conditioning, the systems eliminate the need for tearing into walls and the ceiling to install ducts and vents. In home additions, they offer an easy way to provide the additional cooling needed without having to install a larger HVAC system. If there are hot or cold spots in a home or office, the system provides the additional heating or cooling required for comfort.

The mini-split air handlers are installed high on the wall of the room they serve. This keeps them out of the way and allows them to blend in with the setting. The split design of the unit separates the compressor and air handler, providing quieter operation than a window air conditioner. It still allows normal operation of the window.

Carrier mini-split systems are available in cooling systems or heat pumps. With a heat pump, a single unit provides heating and cooling for the area..

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